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 Local Market Updates & Milwaukee Monthly Market Indicators

Local Market Updates are summary reports and may be downloaded as a zip (compressed) file.
The downloaded zip file, once unzipped, reveals one or two folders: One containing County Information for selected counties and the other containing Municipality Information for selected municipalities.
All of the files are in the PDF format and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

The Milwaukee Monthly Market Indicator is a free research tool from the Multiple Listing Service Inc. on the
Milwaukee Regional Housing Market based off of activity in the 4-County Milwaukee Metropolitan Area.
This Document is in PDF format and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

 Guide to New Market Report

Market Updates
(Downloadable Zip Files)

Milwaukee Monthly Indicators
(PDF Files)

Housing Supply Outlook

Local Market Updates: August 2016Monthly Indicators: August 2016Housing Supply Overview: August 2016
Local Market Updates: July 2016Monthly Indicators: July 2016Housing Supply Overview: July 2016
Local Market Updates: June 2016Monthly Indicators: June 2016Housing Supply Overview: June 2016
Local Market Updates: May 2016Monthly Indicators: May 2016Housing Supply Overview: May 2016
Local Market Updates - April 2016Monthly Indicators - April 2016Housing Supply Overview - April 2016
Local Market Updates - March 2016Monthly Indicators - March 2016Housing Supply Overview - March 2016
Local Market Updates - February 2016Monthly Indicators - February 2016Housing Supply Overview - February 2016
Local Market Updates - January 2016Monthly Indicators - January 2016Housing Supply Overview - January 2016
Local Market Updates - December 2015Monthly Indicators - December 2015Housing Supply Overview - December 2015
Local Market Updates: November 2015Monthly Indicators: November 2015Housing Supply Overview: November 2015
Local Market Updates: October 2015Monthly Indicators: October 2015Housing Supply Overview: October 2015
Local Market Updates: September 2015Monthly Indicators: September 2015Housing Supply Overview: September 2015
Local Market Updates: August 2015Monthly Indicators: August 2015Housing Supply Overview: August 2015
Local Market Updates: July 2015Monthly Indicators: July 2015Housing Supply Overview: July 2015
Local Market Updates: June 2015Monthly Indicators: June 2015Housing Supply Overview: June 2015
Local Market Updates: May 2015Monthly Indicators: May 2015Housing Supply Overview: May 2015
Local Market Updates: April 2015Monthly Indicators: April 2015Housing Supply Overview: April 2015
Local Market Updates: March 2015Monthly Indicators: March 2015Housing Supply Overview: March 2015
Local Market Updates: February 2015Monthly Indicators: February 2015Housing Supply Overview: February 2015
Local Market Updates: January 2015Monthly Indicators: January 2015Housing Supply Overview: January 2015
Local Market Updates: December 2014Monthly Indicators: December 2014Housing Supply Overview: December 2014
Local Market Updates: November 2014Monthly Indicators: November 2014Housing Supply Overview: November 2014
Local Market Updates: October 2014Monthly Indicators: October 2014Housing Supply Overview: October 2014
Local Market Updates: September 2014Monthly Indicators: September 2014Housing Supply Overview: September 2014
Local Market Updates: August 2014Monthly Indicators: August 2014Housing Supply Overview: August 2014
Local Market Updates: July 2014Monthly Indicators: July 2014Housing Supply Overview: July 2014
Local Market Updates: June 2014Monthly Indicators: June 2014Housing Supply Overview: June 2014
Local Market Updates: May 2014Monthly Indicators: May 2014Housing Supply Overview: May 2014
Local Market Updates: April 2014Monthly Indicators: April 2014Housing Supply Overview: April 2014
Local Market Updates: March 2014Monthly Indicators: March 2014Housing Supply Overview: March 2014
Local Market Updates: February 2014Monthly Indicators: February 2014Housing Supply Overview: February 2014
Local Market Updates: January 2014Monthly Indicators: January 2014Housing Supply Overview: January 2014
Local Market Updates: December 2013Monthly Indicators: December 2013Housing Supply Overview: December 2013
Local Market Updates: November 2013Monthly Indicators: November 2013Housing Supply Overview: November 2013
Local Market Updates: October 2013Monthly Indicators: October 2013Housing Supply Overview: October 2013
Local Market Updates: September 2013Monthly Indicators: September 2013Housing Supply Overview: September 2013
Local Market Updates: August 2013Monthly Indicators: August 2013Housing Supply Overview: August 2013
Local Market Updates: July 2013Monthly Indicators: July 2013Housing Supply Overview: July 2013
Local Market Updates: June 2013Monthly Indicators: June 2013Housing Supply Overview: June 2013
Local Market Updates: May 2013Monthly Indicators: May 2013Housing Supply Overview: May 2013
Local Market Updates: April 2013Monthly Indicators: April 2013Housing Supply Overview: April 2013
Local Market Updates: March 2013Monthly Indicators: March 2013Housing Supply Overview: March 2013
Local Market Updates: February 2013Monthly Indicators: February 2013Housing Supply Overview: February 2013
Local Market Updates: January 2013Monthly Indicators: January 2013Housing Supply Overview: January 2013
Local Market Updates: December 2012Monthly Indicators: December 2012Housing Supply Overview: December 2012
Local Market Updates: November 2012Monthly Indicators: November 2012Housing Supply Overview: November 2012
Local Market Updates: October 2012Monthly Indicators: October 2012Housing Supply Overview: October 2012
Local Market Updates: September 2012Monthly Indicators: September 2012Housing Supply Overview: September 2012
Local Market Updates: August 2012Monthly Indicators: August 2012Housing Supply Overview: August 2012
Local Market Updates: July 2012Monthly Indicators: July 2012Housing Supply Overview: July 2012
Local Market Updates: June 2012Monthly Indicators: June 2012Housing Supply Overview: June 2012
Local Market Updates: May 2012Monthly Indicators: May 2012Housing Supply Overview: May 2012
Local Market Updates: April 2012Monthly Indicators: April 2012Housing Supply Overview: April 2012
Local Market Updates: March 2012Monthly Indicators: March 2012Housing Supply Overview: March 2012
Local Market Updates: February 2012Monthly Indicators: February 2012Housing Supply Overview: February 2012
Local Market Updates: January 2012Monthly Indicators: January 2012Housing Supply Overview: January 2012
Local Market Updates: December 2011Monthly Indicators: December 2011Housing Supply Overview: December 2011
Local Market Updates: November 2011Monthly Indicators: November 2011Housing Supply Overview: November 2011
Local Market Updates: October 2011Monthly Indicators: October 2011Housing Supply Overview: October 2011
Local Market Updates: September 2011Monthly Indicators: September 2011Housing Supply Overview: September 2011
Local Market Updates: August 2011Monthly Indicators: August 2011Housing Supply Overview: July 2011
Local Market Updates: July 2011Monthly Indicators: July 2011Housing Supply Overview: July 2011
Local Market Updates: June 2011Monthly Indicatiors: June 2011Housing Supply Overview: June 2011
Local Market Updates: May 2011Monthly Indicators: May 2011Housing Supply Overview: May 2011
Local Market Updates: April 2011Monthly Indicators: April 2011Housing Supply Overview: April 2011
Local Market Updates: March 2011Monthly Indicators: March 2011Housing Supply Overview: March 2011
Local Market Updates: February 2011Monthly Indicators: February 2011Housing Supply Overview: February 2011       
Local Market Updates: January 2011 Monthly Indicators: January 2011 Housing Supply Overview: January 2011 NEW
Local Market Updates: December 2010Monthly Indicators: December 2010 
Local Market Updates: November 2010Monthly Indicators: November 2010 
Local Market Updates: October 2010Monthly Indicators: October 2010 
Local Market Updates: September 2010Monthly Indicators: September 2010 
Local Market Updates: August 2010Monthly Indicators: August 2010 
Local Market Updates: July 2010Monthly Indicators: July 2010 
Local Market Updates: June 2010Monthly Indicators: June 2010 
Local Market Updates: May 2010Monthly Indicators: May 2010 
Local Market Updates: April 2010Monthly Indicatiors: April 2010 
Local Market Updates: March 2010Monthly Indicators: March 2010 
Local Market Updates: February 2010Monthly Indicators: February 2010 
Local Market Updates: January 2010Monthly Indicators: January 2010 
Local Market Updates: December 2009Monthly Indicators: December 2009 
Local Market Updates: November 2009Monthly Indicators: November 2009 
Local Market Updates: October 2009Monthly Indicators: October 2009 
Local Market Updates: September 2009Monthly Indicators: September 2009 
Local Market Updates: August 2009Monthly Indicators: August 2009 
Local Market Updates: July 2009Monthly Indicators: July 2009  
Local Market Updates: June 2009Monthly Indicators: June 2009 
Local Market Updates: May 2009Monthly Indicators: May 2009  
Local Market Updates: April 2009Monthly Indicators: April 2009  
Local Market Updates: March 2009Monthly Indicators: March 2009  
Local Market Updates: February 2009Monthly Indicators: February 2009  
Local Market Updates: January 2009Monthly Indicators: January 2009  



Economic & Market Watch Report

Economic and Market Watch Reports are interactive PDF documents, the information is broken down by county. 
The information is provided by the Multiple Listing Service, Inc. in cooperation with National Association of Realtors.

Quarter 1 - 2016 Quarter 2 - 2016   
Quarter 1 - 2015  Quarter 2 - 2015Quarter 3 - 2015 Quarter 4 - 2015 
Quarter 1 - 2014Quarter 2 - 2014
 Quarter 3 - 2014
 Quarter 4 - 2014
Quarter 1 - 2013 Quarter 2 - 2013
Quarter 3 - 2013
Quarter 4 - 2013 
Quarter 1 - 2012 Quarter 2 - 2012
 Quarter 3 - 2012
 Quarter 4 - 2012
Quarter 1 - 2011Quarter 2 - 2011
Quarter 3 - 2011 Quarter 4 - 2011
Quarter 1 - 2010Quarter 2 - 2010 Quarter 3 - 2010 Quarter 4 -2010 
Quarter 1 - 2009Quarter 2 - 2009Quarter 3 - 2009Quarter 4 - 2009
Quarter 1 - 2008Quarter 2 - 2008Quarter 3 - 2008Quarter 4 - 2008
Quarter 1 - 2007Quarter 2 - 2007Quarter 3 - 2007Quarter 4 - 2007










Property Tax Ranking

The MetroMLS Property Tax ranking is presented courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. These lists are usually made available in January.

2014 Property Tax

2013 Property Tax

2012 Property Tax

2011 Property Tax

2008      Five County Metro Area
2007      Five County Metro Area
2006      Five County Metro Area
  2005      Five County Metro Area  






 Schooling Report