When searching for a property, you will come across multiple states of activity. Two statuses that are common but slightly different are “Active With Offer” and “Pending.” Both terms signify that the seller has an offer, but they differ in what the seller and potential buyers can do.
If a property is “Active With Offer,” it means that although there is an accepted offer, the seller is seeking backup offers if the buyer falls through. The seller is still showing the property and taking secondary offers. Days on Market will continue to accumulate when a listing is “Active With Offer.”
“Pending” indicates that the seller has an accepted offer. All the contingencies have been met, and the seller is no longer showing the property. The property is in escrow, as both parties are working towards closing the deal. It will remain pending until all the legal work has been processed. Days on Market do no accumulate when a listing is “Pending.”