Administrative Support Personnel Application - METRO MLS

Administrative Support Personnel Application

All requests for new administrative personnel members must apply through the web application below. All other forms of application will be rejected and referred to the web application.


* = required
Metro MLS, Inc. Participants and their subscribers may employ administrative personnel, personal assistants, or secretarial personnel, regardless of whether they hold an active real estate license. Such personnel shall be allowed access to the Metro MLS multiple listing system, according to Metro MLS Rules and Regulations and the Metro MLS Subscriber Agreement, to the extent necessary for them to perform their duties with and for the Participant and the Participant’s subscribers. The Participant shall be responsible for the appropriate monthly fee for such administrative personnel.
MLS met ID for office that is to be billed for this assistant.
The individual named above (“Support Applicant”) does hereby make application for subscription access to Metro MLS as support personnel. In making application the Applicant does hereby certify such Applicant currently satisfies and continues to satisfy all the following requirements:
1. Support Applicant will directly or indirectly access or use the Listing information stored in the MLS solely in support of the Subscriber or Participant named above. Such access and use include, but are not limited to, direct access to or use of the MLS and the use of the other devices or services provided by the MLS or its affiliated or licensed vendors or suppliers, that permit access to and use of any Listing information from the MLS;
2. Support Applicant does NOT use, directly or indirectly, in any manner whatsoever information from the MLS to list properties for sale or lease and does not participate directly, except in support of the Subscriber or Participant, in listing or sales activity for any properties listed in the MLS;
3. Support Applicant complies with the policies contained in the Metro MLS Rules and Procedures as they may from time to time be amended.
4. If it is found that the licensed assistant is using MLS access for personal gain, they will be added as an MLS agent member and will lose the ability to edit other’s listings or the ability to be added as an assistant going forward.