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Everything you need to know about Commission, Compensation and Bonuses…
The Broker’s compensation for services rendered in respect to any listing is solely a matter of negotiation between the Broker and his/her client and is not fixed, controlled, recommended or maintained by any persons not a party to the listing agreement. Metro MLS is not a party to any listing agreement at any time.

The compensation paid by the listing Broker to a subagent and/or buyer’s agent with respect to any listing published by Metro MLS is established by the listing broker and is not fixed, controlled, recommended, or maintained by any person other than the listing Broker. It is a long-established policy of Multiple Listing Service, Inc., the Wisconsin Realtors Association and the National Association of Realtors. For more information on how to specify compensation on a listing, refer to Section 5.0 of the MLS RULES

Sometimes rebates, bonuses, and or other incentives may be offered to cooperating brokers in addition to the commission. Those bonuses can be offered to the “broker” only, not an “agent,” information regarding a bonus should be disclosed in the Private Remarks.

Section 2.5 of the MLS rules – REBATES, BONUSES AND OTHER INCENTIVES – states: Information related to rebates, bonuses, allowances and other incentives to cooperating brokers may be communicated on the profile sheet if it is related to the purchase price or if it is related to the offer of compensation and is offered consistent with Standards of Practice of the REALTOR Code of Ethics.