A subscription will email your client a notification with a link when new listings hit the market that fit their criteria. If you have a subscription set up for a client in Flexmls, but need to delete it, follow these steps.

  • Go to Contact Management
  • Select the contact in question
  • Once inside the account of the desired contact; go to Searches/Subscriptions tab

screenshot of contact management red box around searches/subscriptions

Inside Searches/Subscriptions focus on the right side. In this area, you can delete the subscription by clicking the red “X”.  *Side note, the left side you are able to delete the search criteria (if needed).

how to delete a subscription red arrow pointing to red X

Next, Flexmls will pop-up a confirmation box when requesting to remove a subscription select “OK.” After the subscription is removed the client will no longer receive activities related to their search.

how to delete a subscription confirmation box

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