Various data is available via RETS or Web API to those who are entitled to, had an official application approved by, and subsequently contracted with Metro MLS for a data feed. It is highly suggested that all current and future data licensees take advantage of the Platinum RESO compliant Web API(s) that are available as RETS will be sunset soon.


Non-Participant Subscribers are not eligible for a direct data feed except in the case of Virtual Office Websites (described below). If a non-Participant wishes to display listings on their website, the listing display must only be a “frame” of either their Participant’s office website, or the listing search and subsequent results. Framing means anywhere the search results are displayed, the results are displayed identically to the broker site (all elements, must appear in the same sizes, colors, fonts positions, etc. – when viewing side by side).


All requests for new Participant feeds must be applied for through the web application to the right. All other forms of application will be rejected and referred to the web application. This method allows us to expeditiously review your application and ultimately provide an approved feed to you quickly. Participants (i.e., broker-owners or brokerage principals as defined in the Rules and Regulations) have the data feeds described below available to them.

Display and back-office vendors (defined as “Consultants” in the application and Content License Agreement) desiring to receive a data feed to power their product for a Participant may apply on behalf of the Participant, but any set-up or license fees will only be billed to the Participant.


Below are five different types of data feeds, with details on each feed’s specific use. Contact with questions.

Internet Data Exchange (“IDX”)

IDX covers a wide range of software products manufactured by third-party vendors for MLS Participants. While some details may differ between IDX products, they are all public-facing tools that advertise a listing and allow the public and clients to search fresh MLS data. All IDX displays must comply with the IDX rules and policies as posted by Metro MLS. An IDX feed is available only to those brokers participating in the IDX program, and only for display on their brokerage websites or other broker-controlled displays. There are two (2) separate IDX feeds, Metro MLS and WiREx. The Metro MLS IDX feed contains the listing data from all participating Metro MLS Brokers. The WiREx feed encompasses IDX listing data from the seven (7) Wisconsin MLSs that participate in the WiREx program.

Virtual Office Website (“VOW”)

A VOW is a Participant’s Internet Website, or a feature of a Participant’s Website, through which the Participant can provide real estate brokerage services to consumers with whom the Participant has first established a broker-consumer relationship (as defined by state law) where the consumer can search MLS Listing Information, subject to the Participant’s oversight, supervision, and accountability. Any subscriber affiliated with a Participant may, with the Participant’s consent and supervision operate a VOW. There are two (2) separate VOW feeds, Metro MLS and WiREx. The Metro MLS VOW feed contains data from all Metro MLS. The WiREx feed encompasses VOW data from the seven (7) Wisconsin MLSs that participate in the WiREx program.

Brokerage Back-Office Application (“BBO”)

Metro MLS offers a customized data feed of the MLS database for use ONLY with in-office applications use by the brokerage. The data from this Back-Office feed must not be distributed for any other use and the data must not be visible to the public.

Automated Valuation (“AVM”)

AVMs are considered by Metro MLS to be a back-office application although the aggregated AVM result for a property may be displayed publicly.

Brokerage Listings Only

Metro MLS will transport the brokerage’s own listings to the Participant/Broker or their consultant. Although there are some nominal contract terms that must be signed, the Participant/Broker can use this feed of their own listings for any purpose.

Aligned Showings Data Feed

A data feed type that enables the extraction of showing data via the Aligned Showings platform. This data can be utilized within your CRM to track showings, provide feedback to clients, and more. However, accessing this data typically requires nominal contract terms to proceed with the integration process.


Data access and any set-up fees are established by Metro MLS in its sole discretion and are subject to change at any time. Data license fee(s) are invoiced to the Participant monthly and shall be paid to and received by Metro MLS on or before the first day of each calendar month with the first payment being due on the first of the month directly following the execution date of this agreement.


New Consultant $300 One-time fee Consultant has no current active data feed from Metro MLS.
Existing Consultant $100 One-time fee Existing data receiving consultant with at least one current active data feed.


All Metro MLS & WiREx Data Feeds (IDX/VOW/AVM) $15 Monthly fee Monthly data access fees are charged only on the first ten (10) brokerage affiliated offices. There is no charge for additional offices.
Internal Firm Use/Back Office $50 Monthly fee Monthly fee subject to adjustment by Metro MLS in the manner set forth below.
Brokerage-Only Listings Free Monthly fee Monthly fee subject to adjustment by Metro MLS in the manner set forth below.


Below are links to the Metro MLS IDX Policy and Rules. Contact with additional questions.