Creating Labels from the Monsoon Map - METRO MLS Blog

Do you want to send out cards, letters or mailings to potential clients in a specific area? You can use the Monsoon Tax System by Markt to search for properties in a specific area and create address labels with just a few clicks.

First, click on Monsoon under the Flexmls menu. The system will then redirect you to the Monsoon website.

Monsoon in Flexmls Menu

Once you are in Monsoon, click Tax SearchThen, click on Map.

You can use the data fields to search for properties. But for searching a defined area, it might be easier to use the drawing tools. You can draw a circle, square and polygon in the Monsoon map. For this example, we will use the polygon tool.

Monsoon Map View

Scroll in on the map to the desired area or neighborhood you want to search. Then, click the polygon button. When you use the polygon tool, each time you click, you can change directions. Once the shape is complete, double click. Click Search to view all the properties in that area.

Shape and View Results Monsoon WI

After you search for properties, you can create the labels directly on the map view. But to select certain properties or eliminate businesses from your results, you need to view the search results on the Cards or Rows screens.

After you click Cards or Rows at the top of the screen, you will see the properties listed. Click Labels after you select your desired properties from the list.

Monsoon Rows and Labels

You can customize your mailings with several settings. You also can choose the type of label you use. Once you have made your selections, click Create PDF File.

Monsoon Label Settings