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Members can now upload High-Efficiency Image Format (HEIC) photos from their Apple devices to Flexmls. If you take listing photos with your iPhone, the change makes it easier and more efficient to upload photos to your listing.

Previously, you could only take photos with an iPhone after changing the file settings to JPEG since Flexmls did not recognize HEIC as a supported file type.

You must upload HEIC photos to your listing from your iPhone. You can’t upload HEIC photos from any non-iOS devices, like a PC.

If you are using a different operating system or non-Apple product to upload pictures, you will need to change the format of the images from HEIC to JPEG on your iPhone before you start shooting photos.

To change the format from HEIC to JPEG, click on the Settings app on your iPhone or other Apple device.

In Settings, click Camera. The top option on the Camera screen is Formats. Click Formats.

iPhone Settings Camera Updated


iPhone Camera Page Updated

You will see two format options – High Efficiency and Most Compatible. Change the format from High Efficiency to Most Compatible. Your photos will automatically save as JPEG instead of HEIC. Reminder, you must do this before you start taking the photos.
iPhone Formats

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