Do you have a client looking for a lakefront property? Besides searching for any available lakefront property, Flexmls allows you to search by a specific body of water.

Body of Water Search

Start by clicking on Quick Search in the Flexmls Menu under Search. If the Body of Water field isn’t in your preselected search fields, you can easily add it to your search criteria. On the Quick Search fields section, scroll down and click Add a field. Under Schools & Misc, click Body of Water. 

Add a Field Screenshot

Make sure to click the box for the Body of Water field. You can simply type in the lake’s name, but since spelling counts, you might miss some results if the seller’s agent misspelled the name.

We recommend doing the wild card search in the Body of Water field to avoid missing any listings. To do a wild card search, type an asterisk followed by the first few letters of the lake and then another asterisk. Make sure it’s not too common. Remember, spelling counts, so make sure you spell it correctly. 

Body of Water Field in Template

Below is a few examples of wild card searches for lakes:

Geneva Lake *NEVA*
Lac La Belle Lake *BELL*
Lake Michigan *MICH*
Lake Winnebago *WINN*
Oconomowoc Lake *OCONO*
Pewaukee Lake *PEW*

Continue filling out the search template as usual, and all the search results that meet your client’s needs will appear.

Other Search Options

Besides searching by a specific body of water, you can also search by Type or Water Features. Both are found under the Add a field to the search field in Quick Search. 

Under Type, you will see the options Waterfrontage on Lot and Water Access/Rights. Waterfrontage on Lot is where some or all of the waterfront is part of the property. Water Access/Rights is where the owner has access to the water, but the water is not part of any of the property’s parcels.

The Water Features field allows you to make your search more specific after selecting the Type of water property your client is seeking.

After selecting your desired search criteria, fill out the search template as usual, and all the search results that meet your client’s needs will appear.