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How to Exclude Contingent Listings in Flexmls

It can be difficult to find listings that are not “Active with Offer” in today’s low-inventory market. But Flexmls® makes it easy to exclude those contingent listings from your search, so you only view the active listings in Quick Search.

How to Search for Specific Member or Office Listings in Quick Search

Flexmls® makes it easy to view past and present listings from a specific member or office in Quick Search. By searching for listings from a particular member or office in Quick Search, you can tailor your search to your desired listing preferences to net more precise results.

Register for the Teams Program in Flexmls

Metro MLS has made it easier for two or more licensed agents to work together at the same brokerage. For those who consider themselves to be a team, Metro MLS has the Teams program available. You also can sign up an assistant for Flexmls® access.