How to Brand to Your Created Charts in RapidStats Live - METRO MLS Blog

The My Charts section of RapidStats Live allows you to create branded charts. There are numerous options for customization, including the branding option.

Below is a guide to adding branding to your chart.

First, click on the My Charts section in RapidStats Live. You can then create a new chart or edit a previously created chart.

My Charts Menu

Once you are on the Chart Builder page, you will see a list of options on the right side. Click the drop-down arrow on the Chart Design option.

You will see Chart Branding. Make sure the left toggle switch is blue, so branding appears on your chart. Then click Edit next to where it says Chart Branding.

Chart Branding Option

You can include a photo by clicking Include Photo. If you have a photo in Flexmls, it will automatically appear in RapidStats Live.

You can change or add an image by inserting a link to your desired photo in the Photo URL area. The text box area allows you to edit your contact information or add custom text. 

Chart Branding Edit Update

If you don’t want branding on your chart, click the toggle switch so it turns gray.

The charts you create using My Charts are great marketing tools, and you can embed them onto your website.

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