New Membership Application for Subscriber (Agent) Outside Metro MLS Area

All requests for new subscribers outside the Metro MLS coverage area must apply through the web application below. Fill out this application if you hold your primary membership in an association outside of the Greater Milwaukee Association Realtors or Jefferson, Manitowoc, Southshore, Lakeshore or Lakes Area. All other forms of application will be rejected and referred to the web application.


* = required
Must be licensed in Wisconsin. A Letter of Good Standing is required from your primary association. If you hold primary membership in GMAR, Jefferson, Manitowoc, Southshore, Lakeshore or Lakes Area, you will contact that association directly. This form does not need to be filled out.
Given From WRA
Add -94 or -90 at the end of your license number.
To Verify Member's Identity

Office Information

Designated Broker Information

I certify that the Applicant named is affiliated with the listed broker, meets all the above requirements, and, therefore, is eligible for Administrative Support Access to Metro MLS. I certify that the Applicant will be under the immediate supervision of the Sponsor named above, and that the MLS Participant will continue to be responsible for the actions and conduct of both. I understand that any violation of the conditions of this agreement will result in automatic revocation of access for the Applicant. In such event, in order to maintain Applicant’s access to the Metro MLS system as a Metro MLS Subscriber, the broker agrees to pay any and all retroactive MLS Subscriber fees for the current year, plus a $500.00 non-compliance fee, plus any other penalties specified in the Metro MLS Policies & Procedures as amended from time to time.