Finding ZIP Codes via Map Areas in Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

Is your client looking for a house in a particular ZIP code? Flexmls allows you to use a ZIP code overlay to select your desired ZIP codes efficiently and see the boundaries of each ZIP code.

Go to Flexmls and click on Quick Search in the menu. 

Flexmls Click on Quick Search

Once you are on the search screen, scroll down and click ZIP Code. The box will expand, and Find via Map Areas will appear. Click on Find via Map Areas.

You will now see all the ZIP codes and their boundaries for the entire state. Click on your desired ZIP codes, which will then highlight them in red.

Once you select your desired ZIP codes, click Return to Search in the bottom right corner to save the chosen ZIP codes. The ZIP codes will then appear in the ZIP Code box.

Continue filling out the search template as usual and all the search results that meet your client’s needs will appear.