Closing a Listing with Non-Metro MLS Member as Selling Agent - METRO MLS Blog

If you need to close out a listing in Flexmls, but the selling agent is a non-Metro MLS member, you need to follow specific steps to close the listing correctly.

Once you are ready to close a listing, go to Menu in Flexmls and click Change under the Add/Change area. On the change listing screen, click on your desired listing.

Before you close out the listing, you need to put the selling agent’s information in private remarks. Click Listing Information under the General area. 

Listing Information General Flexmls

Then place the selling agent’s information in the Private Remarks section. Here’s an example of how the verbiage should look: Selling Agent is John Smith, ABC Real Estate Company, from the ____ MLS.

Click Save Changes in the top right of the page. You will return to the Change Listing screen. Click Close Listing under Status.

Close Listing Status Flexmls

Under Selling Member, type “non mls” and select the abbreviated MLS name where the selling agent is a member or simply select NON, MetroMLS.

Non MLS Member in Flexmls

Reminder, a listing agent should never put their name as the selling agent. Once you select the appropriate MLS, close out the listing as usual.