How to Copy a Previous Listing for a New Listing - METRO MLS Blog

Building a new listing can be time consuming and even unnecessary. With FlexMLS’s copy listing feature, it can save you valuable time. It is an easier way to copy some of the fields from pervious listings to your current listing.

You can use this copy function in the add/change section of the FlexMLS menu. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to copy a previous listing.

  1. Click on add\change in the FlexMLS menu.
  2. Click on copy.
  3. Put in the old MLS number for the property.
  4. Put a check mark in the copy photos box and click next. If you do not put a check mark in the copy photos box before adding the listing, you will have to add all the photos manually.

Most of your website fields will be filled out. The fields such as list price and list date will be blank since you need to determine that information with your current seller. Once you reviewed the form, select save incomplete. You can then also click add listing once you are ready.