How to Enter a Delayed Listing in Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

The Delayed listing status is in place to help sellers who need more time preparing their homes for showings. Below is a guide to entering a property as Delayed. But first, here are a few reminders on the Delayed listing status:

    • A listing must be entered as Delayed from the start and requires seller’s consent.
    • A listing can be entered in the MLS as Delayed for up to 21 days.
    • No showings, such as agent previews, broker opens or public showings, can occur when a property is in Delayed status.
    • Delayed listings are not included in subscriptions, IDX feeds and third-party syndication feeds.
    • The listing agent cannot use Delayed status to create a pocket listing or circumvent other MLS policies or rules.

Steps to Entering a Delayed Listing

1. Complete the Seller’s Authorization to Delay Showings form.

The listing agent and seller must complete this form. You must upload the form with the listing contract or upload it under the Delayed Form document type.

You can find this form below or by clicking on MLS FORMS & PROFILE SHEETS in the top menu area of below the “M” logo. Then, you will find the form under DELAYED FORMS.

  Seller’s Authorization to Delay Showings (PDF)

2. Enter the listing in Flexmls.

Once you are on the Add Listing screen in Flexmls, you will fill out the General and Address tabs just like usual. To enter a listing as Delayed on the Main Fields tab, click the dropdown menu for Status and select Delayed.

Add Listing - Delayed

Once you change the status to Delayed, the Start Showing Date field will appear. Using the calendar, select the correct date the property will be available to show. The date will default to the current date.

Reminder: The Start Showing Date cannot exceed 21 days. It cannot be changed to an earlier date, but it can be extended as long as it doesn’t exceed 21 days. If you want to extend the Start Showing Date, you will need to upload a revised form that has the seller’s approval. You also will need to notify Metro MLS that you changed the Start Showing Date.

You will then need to fill out the rest of the form. Once you are done, click Add Listing in the top right corner. If you have questions, please contact Metro MLS’s Data Integrity Department at 414-778-5400.