realMLS to Acquire Shared Services from Markt - METRO MLS Blog

Northeast Florida Multiple Listing Service, Inc. (realMLS) has entered into an agreement with Markt® for shared services to enhance its MLS offerings. realMLS joins Metro Multiple Listing Service Inc. (Metro MLS®) and Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS®) in the Markt® venture.

By working with Markt®, partnering MLSs can focus on serving subscribers and less time on duplicating efforts on professional services, infrastructure and development. As with other Markt® partners, realMLS will choose the services that best meet their local market needs.

“Partnering with Markt® is one way realMLS is making sure we remain essential, increase our value to our members and secure our place in the real estate ecosystem of the future.  Our members get enhanced services and our staff is able to learn from Markt® as well,” stated Nicole Jensen, CEO realMLS.

Markt® started in 2017 when Chris Carrillo (CEO, Metro MLS®) and Matt Consalvo (CEO, ARMLS®) noticed their respective MLSs shared the same MLS DNA ( Both groups use the same MLS platform, own their tax systems, have the same customer service philosophies and a shared vision of the MLS future. Now, Markt® welcomes a new partner, realMLS, who shares that same MLS DNA.

Simply put by Mr. Carrillo, “realMLS shares the same values, commitment to service and vision of the MLS of the future. We are better together than apart.”

Additional Markt® partners will be announced soon.

About realMLS
The Northeast Florida Multiple Listing Service, Inc. (realMLS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEFAR, providing innovative programs and services to nearly 10,000 real estate professionals. realMLS partners with exceptional service providers to give members an array of choices to fit their business model. Members have access to statistical data products that are customizable, along with extensive property record data through their integration with Metro Market Trends, Inc., which provides detailed and accurate property information to its customers in Florida and Alabama.

About Markt®
Markt® is a multi-MLS service organization focused on pooling resources and expertise to serve agents/brokers better wherever they may be. In 2017, Chris Carrillo (CEO, Metro MLS) and Matt Consalvo (CEO, ARMLS) started Markt due to the many similarities between Metro MLS and ARMLS. Markt supports MLSs noncontiguous markets with customer support, marketing and technical resources. Markt is the Dutch word for market. Since a market is any place where two or more parties meet to engage in sharing goods, services or information, the name fits with our MLS vision of making the market work.

About Metro MLS®
Multiple Listing Service Inc. (Metro MLS®) is the largest MLS in Wisconsin, serving more than 9,000 members and 10 REALTOR® associations. Established in 1962, Metro MLS delivers efficient and impactful services to its members, offering the most timely and robust real estate information in Wisconsin and the bordering areas. Metro MLS provides accurate real estate data, industry-leading services, and cost-effective resources to enhance fair housing and help REALTORS® succeed in the industry.

About ARMLS®
Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS®) is the largest MLS in Arizona, providing MLS and other core services for MLS subscribers. ARMLS started in 1982 as the first regional MLS in the country. Now nearly 40 years later, ARMLS provides training, support, and technology solutions for 40,000 real estate agents. ARMLS contracts with MLS search vendors and engages other key service providers for mapping, lockbox services, remote MLS access through mobile devices, listing syndication, and statistical data analysis.