How to View Sent Emails from Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

Have you ever wanted to see what emails your clients have been viewing from Flexmls? Lucky for you, it’s simple! Select My Sent E-Mails from the main Menu to easily view the emails sent to your clients from Flexmls.

Screenshot of Flexmls Menu with My Sent E-Mails outlined in blue

On this page, you can view Manual emails personally sent from Flexmls, or Subscription emails that Flexmls automatically sends.

Screenshot of the text in My Sent Emails E-Mail Type: Manual Subscription (90 days)

You can filter emails from a specific client and see if they are actively opening your emails from the Hit Count column. You can even see when Portal Invites are sent to your clients and Resend listings if needed.

Screenshot of My Sent E-mails viewing Manual emails