Less Is More: Searching in Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

When adding criteria to your search for a listing in Flexmls, it’s important to keep in mind that less is more in order to generate the most results.

The MLS is a massive database powered by the information you and your fellow members add to each listing. When you add criteria to a search, the database finds listings with exact matches for each field in your search.

Using fewer pieces of unique criteria will return broader results. For example, Active listings in Milwaukee will show you hundreds of results. However, searching for a property in a small area with many specific features may only yield a couple of results.

Screenshot of two searches. One has many results using few fields, the second has few results using many fields.

This process can be tricky since some fields are not required when adding a listing and may get skipped over in the process. Therefore, even if a property does contain a certain feature, it may not be included in your search results. This is due to the feature not being included in the listing.

Screenshot of an optional field when adding a listing.

Most of the defaulted fields in a Single-Family Search Template are required fields. Sticking to these basic fields helps eliminate missing out on potential matches.

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