New 1/4 Mile Radius Search Option in Quick Launch - METRO MLS Blog

Do you want easier access to nearby listings for a specific address? You can now quickly perform a 1/4 mile radius search in the Quick Launch bar in Flexmls.

The Quick Launch bar is a convenient tool located at the top of most Flexmls pages that allows members to conduct searches without visiting the Quick Search screen.

To conduct a 1/4 mile radius search, type in the address you want to search in the Quick Launch bar. Then, select that address in the 1/4 Mile Radius Search section in the drop-down menu.

Quick Launch Radius Search

Selecting the address within this section will display a list of search results that are within a 1/4 mile radius of that address. You can then filter your results to narrow down your search to meet your criteria. We hope this helps simplify your searching in Flexmls!