Rules & Tips to Remember When Uploading Photos in Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

Statistics show that using quality photos for marketing and listing a property increases interest and leads to a higher sales price for a property.

Metro MLS has rules to ensure members follow the same procedures when uploading photos to Flexmls. Before you start uploading photos to your listing, here are seven rules and tips to remember:

Photo Rules

  • It is preferred that the exterior photo is the primary photo.
  • No personal, business or office/company franchise branding is allowed on any photos.
  • Photos containing virtual staging must disclose the existence of the staging in the Public Remarks.
  • You cannot copy photos from other brokerages without their written consent before posting.

Photo Tips

  • We recommend you only upload landscape orientation photos to your listing. Vertical orientation photos tend to be blurry and distorted. The recommended file size for photos is 5 MB, with a maximum file size of 15 MB. 
  • and only syndicate the first 25 photos from Flexmls. Other third-party and brokerage websites pull all photos.
  • You can only view the primary photo after a property moves into Sold status.

Are you searching for a quality photographer? Metro MLS offers members access to a list of highly qualified real estate photographers through our Preferred Photographer Program. The photographers provide various photography services throughout Wisconsin, such as aerial/drone, still photos and virtual tours.