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RapidStats Live allows brokers to share reports they create via email. Brokers can email the reports immediately or set a delivery schedule for their reports.

Scheduling reports allows you to receive an automatic email without having to send it each time manually. You can select the delivery frequency, allowing you to receive the data when you want and with the exact information you want.

This feature also lets you send your clients the data. It is a great way to supply your client with easy-to-read and up-to-date statistics on their desired location.

Schedule a Report

You will first need to create a report with your desired search criteria. Make sure you click Save To My Reports when you finish creating your report.

Once you save the report, it will appear in the My Reports section. You will see a list of your saved reports in the My Reports section. Find your desired report and click Send/Schedule.

Schedule Reports 1 Update

You will need to enter a name for the report. You can send the report immediately or schedule the report’s delivery. To schedule the report, click Schedule for Later. Then, select your desired delivery schedule. You will have the option to include a cover page and definitions page as well.

Schedule Reports 2 Update

If you have never sent yourself or your client a report, fill out the required information in the Add New Recipient box. RapidStats Live has a Search Contact Library available for recipients you have already emailed.

Schedule Reports 3 Update

You also can add a personalized message. This step is optional but can be beneficial if you are sending a report to a client. Once you are done writing a message, click Complete: Schedule Report Now.

Schedule Reports 4 Update

Learn more about RapidStats Live and its features by taking Metro MLS’s self-paced RapidStats Live online course available to brokers.