Adding documents to a listing is one of the most common steps when putting a listing into Flexmls. The listing contract, seller condition report and floor plans are a few of the most common documents uploaded. 

How to Add Documents to a Listing

You can upload documents to a listing before or after it is in Active status. 

If you want to add documents to a listing before it is Active, click Incomplete under the Add/Change menu. Then select the listing, click Edit and select the Documents section.

To add, edit or remove documents to an Active listing, click Change under the Add/Change menu. Then select the listing and select the Documents section. 

Reminders on Adding Documents

Regardless of when you upload documents, the same rules apply. Below are some friendly reminders on uploading documents.

  • You must save the document as a PDF, with only letters and numbers in the file name. The maximum size for a listing document is 10 MB. 
  • The Listing Contract, LC Amendment and Branded Document are the only confidential documents. 
  • Use the custom description option if a predetermined description doesn’t match the document.
  • Documents with a custom description will only be public.
  • Listing Contracts are the only required document you must upload to a listing.