Top 10 Violations of 2021 - METRO MLS Blog

It is a new year, and we have tallied up the violations for 2021. Last year, there were 9,023 sanctions. Below is a list of the top 10 sanctions for 2021. The top five sanctions are the same as last year’s top five.

1 Address Error 4,365
2 Incorrect Expiration Date 1,215
3 Incorrect List Date 971
4 Variable Rate Commission 786
5 Named Prospect 354
6 Incorrect Item in Remarks 303
7 Incorrect Municipality 292
8 Incorrect ZIP Code 263
9 Incorrect Tax Key 169
10 Broker Owned 123

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If you make an error, you can self-report a violation on your listing right away. We will make the change and not sanction you for the error. Visit the Fix My Mistake section underneath the Rules menu at to self-report an error.

You can learn more about the MLS rules and read detailed information on violations under our Data Integrity section at We also have numerous resources available to help members navigate Flexmls.