What is Reverse Prospecting in Flexmls? - METRO MLS Blog

Do you want to generate more leads for your listing? Reverse prospecting matches a listing agent’s listing with a buying agent’s client. The goal is to connect the right property with the right buyer.

The function takes the listing agent’s listing and looks through the saved searches in Flexmls to see if it matches any searches attached to a contact in Contact Management. You must have created/updated the search within the past year.

For reverse prospecting to work, both parties in the transaction must opt-in to the feature in Flexmls.

Once Flexmls finds matches, the results will only consist of the names and contact information of the MLS agents who set up the searches. The results won’t include the names of the potential buyers.

Whether you are a listing agent or buyer’s agent, the steps for enabling reverse prospecting are slightly different. As a listing agent, you need to select Reverse Prospecting under the Flexmls Menu. Buyer’s agents will enable the function by clicking General Preferences under the Flexmls Menu. Stay tuned for tutorials on both processes in the upcoming days.