What is Markt? - METRO MLS Blog

You may or may not be familiar with Markt, an MLS services company, but you’ve been benefiting from our Markt collaboration behind the scenes. Since we have been promoting Markt a lot more than previously, this has sparked some questions from our members.

Markt is our joint venture with ARMLS® (Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service) that started in April 2018. It has allowed us to partner with another top MLS to serve our members better.

ARMLS and Metro MLS have kept strong local presences members have grown accustomed to over the years. We also have worked together as Markt to offer industry-leading services and resources to serve our markets in a new and improved way.

In the last six months, we have made significant strides to grow and collaborate in ways that allow our members to have an even better MLS experience. For example, the Monsoon Tax System by Markt is now in Wisconsin and Arizona.

Numerous tools, such as our website’s blog section and online classes, are all made possible because of Markt. We even have some new and exciting products and tools coming soon that will significantly benefit our members.

This collaboration also allows for an expanded support department, behind-the-scenes efficiencies, improved access to public records data and enhanced Single Sign-On capability.

Ultimately, Markt was created so we can best assist our members moving forward. The collaborative efforts occurring in Markt allow us to generate new ideas and tools that will offer our members more value to assist their clients and thrive in the real estate industry.