Viewing and Sharing Monsoon Reports - METRO MLS Blog

Have you ever wanted to share property details with your clients on the information you found in the Monsoon Tax System by Markt? Monsoon makes it easy to customize and share reports in just a few clicks.

Once you complete your search in Monsoon, you can remove specific reports you do not want to share in the property profile. This is helpful if you only want to share certain pieces of information with your clients.

Each report section contains an “X” in the top right corner. You can hide a section by clicking on the “X” in that specific section’s top right corner. If you refresh the page, it will return all the sections to the report.

Monsoon Section Update 2

Once you are ready to share the report, click Print in the top right of the property profile. Make sure it says Current Screen in the box next to Print.

Monsoon Print Update 2

Once you select Print, you can print the report or you can change the print settings to “Save as PDF.” Saving the reports as a PDF allows you to email the file to your clients.

Print Destination

Note: This screenshot is for Google Chrome. Other web browsers allow you to save the report as a PDF. But in the print pop-up screen, the wording might be slightly different.

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