What is WIREX? - METRO MLS Blog

Have you noticed a WIREX label on some listings in Flexmls? Do you know what WIREX means?

WIREX stands for Wisconsin Real Estate Exchange. It is a data share between Metro MLS and six other MLSs in Wisconsin. Door County MLS and Northwoods MLS do not participate in WIREX.

The data share includes more than 90% of the listed properties in Wisconsin. It also includes the offer of cooperation and compensation for these listings and is fully integrated into Flexmls via the inclusive search.

WIREX Listings in Flexmls

Due to Flexmls using the inclusive search, anytime you create a Quick Search, Flexmls simultaneously searches your entered criteria in Metro MLS and WIREX. There is no need for you to do anything different than what you currently do when searching for listings.

Listings not from Metro MLS will have a label that says WIREX next to the listing’s MLS number.

WIREX Label 1

WIREX Label 2

You can access sold listing dates for WIREX back to 2009. You also can run inventory and statistical reports on WIREX listings.

Different Data Rules

WIREX is not a statewide MLS. Instead, it’s an agreement among the Wisconsin MLSs to share data content statewide in a single database to improve the experience for MLS participants and their clients. You have to be a member of one of the participating MLSs to receive access to all the WIREX data.

The seven MLSs in WIREX have different data sets with slightly different terminology for data fields. Regardless of the terminology used at the MLS of entry, the fields will appear how Metro MLS refers to them. The MLSs also have different rules, resulting in different time frames for status changes, photo/document uploads, etc.