How To Preview Details of Property Locations - METRO MLS Blog

Did you know that Flexmls offers convenient ways to preview property locations? If you can’t physically be there, you can utilize Street View and Bird’s Eye View as workarounds to explore the area. In addition to these options, there are four alternatives for viewing the map itself. Let’s explore these options:

Satellite View

While the Map View is the default option, you can easily change to a Satellite View if preferred. This can be useful when identifying landmarks and specific features.

satellite view on flexmls map screenshot

Street View

If you zoom in on the map, until you see lot lines, you can access Street View by clicking on the property you want to see. This opens a new tab that allows you to navigate the streets and get a real-life feel of the area.

nosey neighbor flexmls map screenshot

Bird’s Eye View

Similar to the Satellite View, the Bird’s Eye View provides a different perspective of the area. Taken at a 45-degree angle, the Bird’s Eye View provides better details of structures and buildings in the area. This can be accessed by zooming in on the map until you see the lot lines and clicking a property.

street view and birds eye view with pushpin

Default Map

If you frequently focus on a particular area during your Quick Search, you can set it as a Default Map. This saves you time and effort by automatically opening to your preferred location, eliminating the need for repeated zooming in or out.

Whether you’re looking for specific property features and assets, or just exploring a neighborhood, these tools can help you get a better sense of the surrounding location and guarantees the most benefit when utilizing the Flexmls map.