Flexmls Quick Search offers hundreds of fields to choose from, and sometimes what you’re looking for isn’t in the pre-determined template. Let’s review how to customize your search by adding a field.

Flexmls allows you to manually add a whole category or individual items when conducting a search to any of the nine pre-determined templates. When in Flexmls, click on Quick Search. The template will appear on the left. Scroll down and click the green plus sign that is labeled Add a field to the search.

Flexmls screenshot of fields in quick search

When in Add a Field, select a whole category or individual item.

Popular Fields to Add

  • Water Features
  • Bedroom Levels
  • Public Remarks
  • Acreage
  • Style
  • Architecture

Customizing Your Quick Search

Customizing your Quick Search template gives you a more accurate representation of the many properties you will see when conducting searches in Flexmls. For some members, this is the starting point for creating and saving your own custom Search Template.

For a tutorial, watch the first three minutes of the video Create a Custom Search Template in Flexmls.