Perfecting Your Radius Search: Intersecting Shapes - METRO MLS Blog

Did you know you can use two overlapping circles to find listings in the intersection? Previously in Perfecting Your Radius Search: Excluding Listings, we learned how to exclude listings in a radius search by using the “not within” function. Let’s continue perfecting your radius search!

You can use the radius search in tandem with another circle or shape. For this search, I’m using two circles (or a radii). Finding the intersection of a shape may be useful when you have clients with different ideas on the perfect property location.

Example of Intersecting Shapes

Both prospective buyers want to live in the Milwaukee area while also being close to their jobs. One needs to be close to Hales Corners and the other needs to be near Muskego High School. How do you satisfy them both? Start by drawing two radial shapes at each location requested, outward from the center to the desired mile marker. I chose about 4 miles out for both.

Next, on the Property-Class Template under Shape, select the intersection option for both circles. The map will then display the listings only shared between both shapes. This hyper-focused set of listings may satisfy both client’s needs based on their requested preferences.

 rectangle around word intersection on flexmls

You now know how to utilize the intersection of any two shapes to save you time when searching! Remember, just like the fields on the Property-Class Template, shape searches can be saved or added to a collection.