Address Search - METRO MLS Blog

Are you looking for a listing based on a specific location? In FlexMLS, you can search for listings by address to find your ideal spot.

Go to FlexMLS’s website and click on Address under Search on the menu. Once you arrive at the Address Search screen, you can enter your search criteria in at least one field. The more search criteria you enter, the narrower your set of results will be. If you want a larger amount of results, start by casting a broad search and adding more information in the search criteria.

Here is a breakdown of the search fields and how you fill out the form:

1. First, enter the House Number. You may use a range of house numbers if desired.
2. Next, enter the Street Name. If you are not sure of the spelling or the exact street name, you may use the wildcard search feature. (ex. *North* would bring results for North, Northwood, Northstar, etc.).
3. Next, choose the County, Municipality. State and Zip are also options.
4. Choose the listings Status(s). You may enter a status change date range also if desired.
5. Choose the MLS database to search in
6. Click Next to display the search results.