Can an Active Listing Move into Delayed Status? - METRO MLS Blog

Can an active listing move into delayed status? No.

The delayed listing status allows the seller additional time to prepare its home before showings begin. If you entered the property as active and it should be delayed, withdraw it immediately. Then, copy the listing and add it as a new listing with the delayed status set.

Add Listing - Delayed

Once you add the new listing, contact Metro MLS (414-778-5400 or, so we can remove the withdrawn listing.

You also need to complete the Seller’s Authorization to Delay Showings form. Complete the form, scan it as a PDF file and load it into Flexmls as the first page with the listing contract.

Delayed listing status is simply a way for sellers to have additional time to prepare their homes for showings. The listing agent can’t use delayed status to create a pocket listing or circumvent other MLS policies or rules.

A listing can remain in the MLS as delayed for up to 21 days. Once you select the start showing date, you can’t change it to an earlier date. You can extend the start showing date as long as it does not exceed 21 days.

If you extend the date, you must upload a revised form with the seller’s approval and notify Metro MLS ( immediately that you changed the start by date. Metro MLS will then update the showing date in Flexmls.

The listing agent can market and generate interest in the property, but you can’t show the property in delayed status. Delayed listings are not included in subscriptions, IDX feeds and third-party syndication feeds.