A Flexmls subscription sends an automatic email to your clients when a member adds a listing or edits an existing listing that meets your client’s search criteria. Is your client’s subscription out of date or no longer needed? Flexmls makes it easy to delete a subscription.

Deleting a Subscription

Inside Flexmls, go to Menu, and then find Contact Management. Click the client’s name you want to edit. Once you are inside your client’s account, click Searches/Subscriptions.

screenshot of contact management red box around searches/subscriptions

On the Searches/Subscriptions page, you will see a Subscriptions section with the created subscriptions for your client. If you want to delete a created subscription, click the red X in the bottom right corner of the specific subscription. 

how to delete a subscription red arrow pointing to red X

Before Flexmls deletes the subscription, a confirmation pop-up box will appear asking if it’s OK to delete the subscription. Click OK to delete the subscription. After you delete the subscription, your client will no longer receive automatic emails from that specific subscription again.

how to delete a subscription confirmation box