It’s not uncommon for potential homebuyers to change their wants and needs during the buying process. Flexmls allows you to update saved subscriptions, including information like the search parameters and delivery schedule. Since a Flexmls subscription sends an email to your clients automatically, knowing how to edit a subscription is key.

Editing a Subscription

When you are inside Flexmls, go to Contact Management under the Menu. Click on the client’s name you want to edit. Once you are inside your client’s account, click on the  Searches/Subscriptions tab.


screenshot of contact management red box around searches/subscriptions


On the Searches/Subscriptions page, you will see a Subscriptions section with the created subscriptions for your client. The subscription will include the dates for when you created and last edited the subscription. Click on the subscription you want to edit.

screenshot of red arrow pointing to name in subscription tab

You can edit the settings, including the subscription’s name, contacts and delivery frequency. Click Save once you finish. You will see a date and time stamp below your subscription name after you finish editing it.

Met Subscription settings