How to Set Up an Email Template - METRO MLS Blog

Are you tired of typing the same email message when creating a Subscription? Save yourself some time by setting up a template for your emails! An Email Template will store your formatting and wording to be used later.

To start creating your email template, open a Quick Search and click the Email button.

Type the email Subject and Body that you want to save. We recommend using generic verbiage since you’ll want to use this template for multiple searches and clients.

Above the Subject, click Options and choose Save As New to provide a name for your new email template.

Screenshot of a new Email Template being saved

Once you’ve completed the legwork of creating a Template, it can now be used when creating a Subscription to save time while you’re on the go. You can also choose a Template when sending one-time manual emails.

Check out the Subscriptions and Portals online course to learn more about connecting with your clients.