Flexmls Makes it Easier to Upload Videos, Virtual Tours - METRO MLS Blog

Flexmls has made it easier for users to add, edit and manage videos and virtual tours. This update allows users to add and access these media types on a single page, making the entry process seamless and less likely for users to make entry errors.

Flexmls also no longer requires you to upload a branded and unbranded version of your videos or virtual tours.

When you are on the new Videos and Virtual Tours page, click Add Video to add a new video or click Add Virtual Tour to add a virtual tour. A pop-up window will appear. It will ask you to provide a description and the embed code for videos and a URL for virtual tours.

Users can upload branded or unbranded content. If you upload branded content, you will need to select the checkbox. It will then give you the option to upload an unbranded version if you desire.

Flexmls Video and Virtual Tour Change Photo

Just a reminder, Flexmls recommends users use an embed code for videos, as it is a more reliable way to ensure the video plays on third-party websites. If you enter a URL, Flexmls will try to generate a valid embed code for you.

Please contact Metro MLS’s Support Department at 414-778-5400, ext. 1, if you have any questions.