Full, Half and Total Bathrooms - METRO MLS Blog

Within Flexmls, you can filter listing results by Full Baths or Half Baths. You can also use the Total Bathrooms field, which combines the number of Full Baths and Half Baths in a property. However, the Total Bathrooms field will only count 0.5 for all Half Baths on a property, regardless of the number of them.

For example, if my client is looking for 1.5 Total Bathrooms, they may find properties with one, two or even three Half Baths! Therefore, when using the Total Bathrooms field, you may find unexpected extra half baths!

Screenshot of the Total Bathrooms search field with 1.5 as the minimum and maximum

Screenshot of the Full Baths, Half Baths and Total Baths columns in the List View

You can always check the breakdown of Full Baths and Half Baths in a property within the Listing Report. The Single-Family List View also shows bathroom information for faster browsing.