How to Access Online Statistical Reports - METRO MLS Blog

Metro MLS offers accurate and timely real estate data to its members. If you are trying to find statistical information on a particular market, you can easily access it at

We offer monthly reports on the statuses of local markets, monthly indicators, and housing supply. We also have quarterly Economic and Market Watch Reports broken down by county available.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to access the monthly and quarterly reports.

Start at’s Homepage

Hover over the MLS menu at the top right portion of the website and then click on Statistics.

Market Stats

Click on Your Desired Section

Once you are on the Statistics page, there will be three options for you to select -“10k Market Indicator Reports,” “Economic & Market Watch,” and “Property Tax.” Click on your desired section and it will expand with all the available reports.

Below is a breakdown of the reports you can find under each section.

  • 10K Market Indicator Reports: Monthly reports that consists of local market updates, monthly indicators, and an overview of housing supply.
  • Economic & Market Watch: Quarterly reports broken down by county.
  • Property Tax: Previous year reports on southeastern Wisconsin property tax information.

Stats Page

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Support at 414-778-5400, ext. 1. We are here to help.