How To Create Your Custom Map Overlay - METRO MLS Blog

Do you know you can create and save your own custom map overlays? If you’re in need of a faster search, or want to enhance your search results, creating a custom map overlay is the route for you.

Why Create Custom Map Overlays

Custom overlays enhance your search results and save you time, which equals faster, higher-quality service for your clients.

For example, let’s say you have a client who wants to buy in the Brewer’s Hill neighborhood. Brewer’s Hill is not a Municipality, County or Subdivision. Furthermore, finding Brewer’s Hill in the Public Remarks can be tricky. So, how do we search within that area?

Brewer’s Hill is a neighborhood; a niche part of the city you live and work in. To track your niches, you can draw the boundaries around Brewer’s Hill once, save the shape as a custom overlay, then re-use it in searches for your other clients.

How to Create a Custom Map Overlay

Draw a polygon around the area using the map-drawing tools. In this example, I used Neighborhoods Maponics to determine the Brewer’s Hill boundary lines.

Screenshot of Neighborhood Maponics Brewers Hill with your custom map overlay

When finished, click Save and select Save Polygons as My Map Overlay.

Screenshot of Save Polygons as My Map Overlay

Name and save your new overlay. You’ll always be able to access it from the overlays drop-down menu of any map search.

Map Overlays in Flexmls

Lastly, Flexmls offers nine pre-configured MLS map overlays. You can find the overlays on the map in the drop-down menu of any Quick Search. Check them out to see if any of them are beneficial in your search!

nine overlays in Flexmls screenshot