How to Export Contacts from Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

There may be situations where you need to export your contacts from Flexmls. Situations can include needing them for other applications such as Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), creating labels, addressing envelopes or mail-merging documents with Microsoft.

To export contacts from Flexmls, click on Menu, find Contacts and go to Contact Management.

Advanced in Contact Management

Then, in the top right-hand corner, select Advanced then Export Contacts. This will export your contacts into a CSV file. Be sure to give it a meaningful name and save this file on your computer.

Export Contacts in Contact Management

CRM Systems

If you have been curious about using a CRM system, there are hundreds to choose from. Be sure to talk with your broker about an existing CRM available to you, or get a recommendation for individual purchases.

Labels or Envelopes

There are times you may need to send letters or flyers to clients. Exporting your contacts from Flexmls can make this process easier and more organized.

Mail Merge

To create labels and printed envelopes, you will need to familiarize yourself with mail merged from Microsoft. This requires linking the CSV file and a Microsoft Word document. This process can be a bit tricky, so here are the directions with steps.

If you have any challenges with this, please go ahead and give your Support Team a call at (414) 778-5400.