How to View Listing History - METRO MLS Blog

Have you ever wanted to know about a property’s previous listing history? There are several ways to access previous Metro MLS and WiREX listings that date back to the year 1995 and, sometimes, even older.

In a Search

While in the Detail tab of a search, click the History option.

Screenshot of a property's listing history in the Detail tab of a Search

Any previous listings from Metro MLS or WiREX will be shown. You can click anywhere in the row of a previous listing to see the individual changes to it. You can even click on the MLS number to view that specific listing.

While Changing a Listing

While on the Change Listing page, you can click the History option at the top. This will show the previous changes to the listing you are editing.

Screenshot of the Change Listing page with the History option outlined in blue.

In History from Menu

You can expand the main Menu to select History. Input the property address and click Next.

Screenshot of the History Search option.

Click the blue “i” icon next to the status to view individual listing changes. You can also click the MLS number to view the listing.

From Monsoon

If you can’t find a property in Flexmls, you can search in Monsoon by the address. While viewing the tax records, there will be an MLS option if the property has been listed on Metro MLS or WiREX. If available, you can click this option to view previous listings.

Screenshot of Monsoon's Tax, MLS, Comp and Email buttons with MLS outlined in blue.