The Three CMA Types in Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

CMA is an acronym for Comparative Market Analysis; it is a report you create to show the comparable properties of a listing. In addition, you can find the recommended pricing of a property according to the comparables.

In Flexmls, there are three CMA report types you can choose, to meet your needs. Let’s review the three CMA types!

CMA types screenshot

Full CMA

A Full CMA is useful for sellers, it includes the most information and is the most configurable. It has options for a cover page, subject property information, comparable properties, value adjustments, a summary and a price recommendation. Completing a Full CMA can give your desired results when using an existing address in comparison to other properties.

Quick CMA

A Quick CMA provides quick access to a side-by-side comparison of listings, a price analysis summary and statistics without a subject property. Because of these features, a Quick CMA may be useful for buyers. Be mindful, it does not include a cover page, subject property information, or value adjustments.

Statistical CMA

A Statistical CMA is the most basic CMA type. It has no images but includes a table of information broken down by listing status, with the option to view listing information in a short display format. You can choose how to group the listings, whether to include totals and whether to remove square-foot statistics.

 arrow pointing to CMA in Flexmls

To create a CMA, go to the Quick Search tab and select CMA. There you will be prompted to select your CMA type. Alternatively, you can go to Menu, under Search, and click on CMA. There you can create a new CMA with your desired criteria.

To access saved CMAs, go to Menu, under Search, and Click CMA to open the Saved CMAs page. Here you can view CMAs that you have drafted and saved.

For more information about CMAs, watch the Online Training Course.