Logging into Aligned Showings for the First Time - METRO MLS Blog

The first time you log in to Aligned Showings, you must accept multiple prompts to access the system.

Below are screenshots with descriptions of the prompts you will see after logging in to Aligned Showings for the first time. We encourage you to read each Terms and Conditions.

MLS Member Terms of Use

FBS terms and conditions for its single sign-on to allow you direct access to Aligned Showings through Flexmls. At the bottom of the terms and conditions, click Agree.

Aligned Showings Authorize Application

The application is requesting specific permissions. Click Allow at the bottom to confirm.

End-User Terms & Conditions

Aligned Showings’ terms and conditions state the product will protect your data so users cannot misuse or repurpose the data included in the system. You can read the documents by clicking View the End-User Agreement. Click Accept at the bottom.