Find More Listings With the Construction Status Field! - METRO MLS Blog

In Flexmls, adding the Construction Status field gives your clients more options when searching for listings that fit their criteria. The amount of active listings is teetering around ten thousand. This may seem like a lot, but options may be quickly limited as your buyers start to narrow in on the best listing for them.

When in Flexmls, add the “Type” field for Construction Status. Within the field, you will be able to further add To Be Built and New Construction listings.

Construction Status Types in Flexmls screenshot

By adding this field, new options are available for your clients that may not have been previously considered.

Let’s say your buyers are looking for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, single-family home that is fairly priced. Without adding the Construction Status field, the thousands of active listings on the market are fractioned into a few hundred options or less.

Additionally, if your clients want to view listings in a specific location, the results may be narrowed down to double-digits. By utilizing various fields in Flexmls, you’re guaranteeing that your clients have access to every listing that fits their criteria.

Don’t forget, the Type Field uses the and/or/not function, so be sure to use these terms accordingly.