More Is More: Listing in Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

Unlike when searching for a listing in Flexmls, including more information and being more specific is essential when adding a new listing into Flexmls. Why is this?

The MLS is a database that works directly from the information provided by members just like yourself! Once a listing is added, buyers can search for it based off the details the Listing Agent included. Essentially, adding more details to your listing increases the likelihood of it showing up in a buyer’s search.

There are several fields that require information before a listing can be added, such as the location, price and number of bedrooms. But there are many other additional fields that are optional. Not including these details or features of the property may limit its visibility to buyers.

You never know what a buyer may be seeking out for their next property. It’s possible they are interested in a kitchen island, a patio and a view of water. However, only exact property matches are going to appear as a result. Therefore, even if your property does contain these features, your listing will not appear in their search if these selections aren’t made.

Screenshot of miscellaneous optional fields selected in a search

Screenshot of a listing report with an outline around features that were searched for.

Taking your time to include every detail about the property will give your listing the most exposure to buyers. This equals an easier time for you or your clients.