What is the Flexmls Portal News Feed? - METRO MLS Blog

Have you ever wondered how listings end up in the Flexmls Portal News Feed? What listings appear in the News Feed is based on subscriptions that are attached to searches. You can view and edit News Feed settings for both Classic Portal and Portal 2.0 in the menu under Portal Preferences.

News Feed for Portal 2.0

Once you set up a subscription for a client and they have opted in, they will begin receiving emails based on new activity within their search. This is also true if a client sets up their own subscription through their portal.

The News Feed on a client’s portal will reflect all listings that have been emailed to them through a subscription. You can control some of the content that is displayed by adjusting the settings in portal preferences, which can be found in your Flexmls menu.

screenshot of Portal 2.0 news feed


News Feed for Classic Portal

Default Subscription Settings and Portal Preferences require your attention when making edits to the News Feed.

Default Subscription Settings

In Default Subscription Settings, you can set which events trigger subscription activity.

image of default sub setting classic portal for news feed

Portal Preferences

In Portal Preferences, you can select the information that your clients can see in their portal and select where your contacts will be directed when they click a link in a subscription email: News Feed, Emailed Listings or Saved Search.

classic portal portal preferences for news feed

There’s a lot to learn about the Flexmls portal. For more education, take our online Subscriptions and Portals course!