Response to NAR's Settlement of Commission Lawsuits - METRO MLS Blog

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) agreed to pay $418 million in a settlement reached on Friday to resolve commission lawsuits. The settlement would resolve claims against NAR, its members, all Realtor associations and all association-owned MLSs.

There is a lot of information to process, and it will take time to determine how this settlement will impact buyers, sellers and Realtors.

The settlement has yet to be approved by a judge and, if it is, will not take effect until this summer at the earliest. The Realtor Code of Ethics, Metro MLS rules and Wisconsin state laws governing real estate have not changed. We will let you know of any rules or policies that change in the future.

Committed to a Pro-Consumer, Transparent Marketplace

The real estate market remains the same. Sellers want to sell their homes, and buyers want to own homes. Realtors will remain trusted advisors during this process. GMAR, Metro MLS, and WRA remain committed to a pro-consumer market and to preserving the model of cooperation and transparency through the MLS.

GMAR and Metro MLS have had no copycat lawsuits filed against them. This is attributed to Wisconsin’s long tradition as a pro-consumer state and the transparency in transactions Realtors have worked hard to provide for buyers and sellers.

We will continue to update you on the latest developments as we review the impact of the settlement. In the weeks ahead, GMAR will begin a public education effort explaining what the settlement means for consumers and the value Realtors have always provided.

Want to learn more? NAR released a statement today, with a video from NAR President Kevin Sears and NAR Chief Legal Officer Katie Johnson.