Searching by Subdivision or Condo Name in Monsoon - METRO MLS Blog

Are you looking for parcel information on a particular subdivision or condominium complex? The Monsoon Tax System by Market makes it easy to find this information in the Tax search.

First, click on Monsoon under the Flexmls menu. The system will then redirect you to the Monsoon website.

Monsoon in Flexmls Menu

Once you are in Monsoon, choose Tax Search. You will then have to select the county and municipality you want to search in. You can click the Search All Municipalities in this County box if you don’t want to select a specific municipality. Then click Save Selections.

Save Selections in Monsoon

In the search fields section, you will need to fill out the Legal Description field. If it is not a default field, click Add/Modify/Reorder Fields and add the field labeled Legal Desc to your list.

Enter the name of the subdivision or condominium in the Legal Description field. Make sure you enter the exact name, including the correct spelling. Click Search to see your results.

Legal Desc Monsoon

You can view the results in the Cards, Rows or Map section. You also can create mailing labels with the available results.