Copying a Listing in Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

Building a new listing from scratch can take time and sometimes is unnecessary. You can save valuable time with the Flexmls copy listing feature.

The copy listing feature allows you to copy a listing and use most of the existing information without recreating a listing from step one. This process is especially beneficial if you entered a property as active and the status should be delayed.

You can only copy a listing that is your own, and you must still be with the same office as when the property was previously listed. You also will need the previous listing number within Flexmls to copy the listing, otherwise, you will have to begin from scratch.

To copy a listing, first, click Menu in Flexmls. Under the Add/Change section, click Copy. 

Copy Listing Flexmls

Enter the most recent MLS number and click Next. Check the Copy Photos box if you want to copy the photos from the previous listing. If you don’t check the box, you will have to add the photos manually.

Copy Listing MLS Number Box Flexmls

Most of your listing fields will be filled out. The fields such as list price and list date will be blank since you need to determine that information with your seller. Once you review the form, select Save Incomplete. You can then also click Add Listing once you are ready for it to go live in the MLS.